Features September 6, 2023

The Burroughs: Greeley’s Hometown Heroes Craft a Cosmic Symphony

by BandWagon Magazine

In the dynamic realm of the indie music scene, there are albums, and then there are sagas—musical odysseys that weave tales as enthralling as the notes themselves. The Burroughs’ latest offering, “Honey Imastar,” falls firmly into the latter category. It’s an ambitious, cosmic exploration, but for a band rooted in the nurturing grounds of Greeley, Colorado, ambition has always been part of the narrative.

Sweaty Greeley Soul

The Burroughs started their musical expedition from the unlikely bedrock of Greeley, with humble origins in “Sweaty Greeley Soul” and fostering its core membership from the University of Northern Colorado Jazz program. Yet, a casual glance at their trajectory reveals a metamorphosis that transcends genre labels. It’s not just about music; it’s about storytelling, community, and a commitment to evolving without losing sight of one’s roots.

On September 8th, as the Downtown Greeley revels in the festivities of the Greeley Block Party, The Burroughs will approach a poignant full-circle moment. This festival, celebrating the University of Northern Colorado’s return to campus, holds sentimental value. The university’s music program cradled the talents of several band members, and as Greeley’s hometown heroes take the stage, one can anticipate an electric blend of nostalgia and innovation.

A Movie for the Ears

The aforementioned “Honey Imastar” encapsulates this very spirit. Drenched in cosmic vibes, the album narrates the escapades of its protagonist, Honey, an extraterrestrial grappling with earthly experiences. Tracks like “Run” lay the groundwork, while others like “Alone” and “Childhood Dreams” delve deep into her struggles. This isn’t just a collection of songs; it’s a movie for the ears.

While the album draws parallels with space-themed works like Jamiroquai’s “Traveling Without Moving,” The Burroughs succeed in infusing their signature sound, especially evident in tracks like “Don’t Fight The Groove.” This potent blend of influences spanning Sly & The Family Stone to Barry White is a testament to their decade-long commitment to staying musically curious.

From and For Greeley

Frontman Johnny Burroughs’ sentiments regarding the album provide a deeper layer of understanding. For him, the album is an intertwining tale of personal growth and external influences: “Honey Imastar couldn’t be a more personal story…The story, songs, and vision for the album were growing in parallel with my daughter experiencing the first year of her life.”

Yet, amid the sonic innovations, The Burroughs’ commitment to community remains unwavering. Their collaborations with organizations like the Weld Food Bank and the Greeley Boys and Girls Clubs, as well as their passionate drive towards ensuring music education for all, with campaigns like #BandsGiveBack, amplify their ethos of music made in community.

The Burroughs | Block Party Music Festival | Friday, 9/8

As the Greeley Block Party approaches, attendees can anticipate more than just another live gig. They’re set to experience a band that embodies the essence of Greeley—a harmonious blend of past, present, and future. After all, this is The Burroughs: a group that’s not just about the music, but about the stories, the community, and the souls it touches along the way.

Catch The Burroughs at The Block Party in Downtown Greeley on September 8th!