Concert Photos February 11, 2014

Ninth Annual Glo Music Festival

by BandWagon Magazine

Glo Festival 2014 was the 9th such event in as many years. After attending my first Glo on January 25th at the Denver Mart it is no surprise that this EDM fest is still thriving in Colorado. Floorbangrs and Intense Worldwide have my thanks for making this happen. Glo brings all of the necessary elements together for people to catalyze into the kind of sensory overload event you expect and deserve.

Through the mist of the typical beat inspired kinesthesia, glow sticks, LED sticks and lasers were not the only illuminations of the night. 3D projections, courtesy of Daniel Simeonov, accumulated the beams and lights into a cohesive display of delightfully disorienting photon drama at the main stage. Behind a multiple monitor display, driven by an XFX Radeon video card, the twisting and turning of knobs and live video editing projected moving scenery onto the stage intended to be every bit as ocularly pleasing as the sound was audibly.

There are two main reasons for me to attend these kinds of things, music that changes my state and the smiles on other people it brings out. The people reverberated the beats that were laid down for them through their mood and the DJs reflected their excitement back at the crowd in both physical and audible gesture.

Photos by: Mike Pope

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