Recreational Marijuana In Garden City Means Music and Munchies For All on 4/20

April 10, 2014

“420,” pronounced “four-twenty,” has established itself quite definitively in the pop culture zeitgeist as a blanket term for all things marijuana, spawning everything from straight-faced legitimacy to raucous Internet memes. The exact origins of the term 420 are heavily contested, with theories ranging from connections to Bob Marley and Grateful Dead to the number being shared with the quantity of ingredients in cannabis and the code for marijuana consumption. All are untrue. Instead, 420 originated with high school students in San Rafael, California in 1971, who decided on a time—4:20 pm, though probably not on April 20th—to meet at a statue and smoke together. It stuck as a broader allusion to marijuana in general, and now enjoys its status as a flagship term for the drug.

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Taste, Tenderness, and Appearance: Barbecuing with New Garden City

August 20, 2013

Garden City is an anomaly to many people who have lived in the Greeley. It’s own municipality .1 mile in size, population of 250-350 (depending on who you ask), and with no real central industry, Garden City has struggled through the years to maintain itself after it’s heyday as the only place alcohol could be sold in the area until 1969. But with the legalization of marijuana on the horizon for the state of Colorado, and Garden City being one of the only places in the region to allow medical marijuana dispensaries, the potential to reclaim some of those glory days is there.

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