Album Review: Daniel Rodriguez – Sojourn Of A Burning Sun

August 9, 2020

Going solo after the end of the renowned Elephant Revival, Daniel Rodriguez entered a new world. His music changed, some of his relationships changed, and the world changed around him. That’s where his new album Sojourn of a Burning Sun (out August 28) finds us. Stepping away from some of the more existential elements of Elephant Revival but taking the smokey folk music with him, Rodriguez safely steers his boat to that lonely island meant just for him.

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Elephant Revival: Writing Songs to Create Emotion

October 11, 2013

Since 2006 Elephant Revival has been traveling around the U.S. opening for bands such as the Dispatch, State Radio, String Cheese Incident, and many more. Composed of five multi-instrumentalists who all contribute to the songwriting process, Bonnie Pain, Sage Cook, Dango Rose, Daniel Rodriguez, and Bridget Law, this “transcendental folk” band combines bluegrass, country, indie rock, reggae, and jam band grooves.

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