Concert Photos March 11, 2024

Beats Antique @ Meow Wolf Denver | 03.02.24

by Jason Alfaro

Beats Antique headlined a memorable night at Meow Wolf Denver’s Danceportation event on March 2, 2024, delivering a powerful mix of dance and world music. The lineup also included artists like Adam Deitch, Borahm Lee, David Satori, Freddy Todd, Mah Ze Tar, and Sidecar Tommy, providing a diverse musical experience. The event offered access to the entire exhibition space, allowing attendees to explore art installations while enjoying the music. This 21-and-over event designed for dancing and exploring Meow Wolf’s unique art space. The blend of music, art, and festive attire made for an engaging and enjoyable experience for all who attended.

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Guests could easily find drinks at several bars throughout the venue, with a wide selection of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options available. Danceportation encouraged a festive atmosphere and the fans in attendance certainly understood the assignment as evident from the eclectic costumes and outfits on display. The sold out crowd came out in full force and lined up outside the at-capacity main room as Beats Antique took the stage. Video screens placed throughout the facility encouraged fans to explore the venue throughout the night if they weren’t able to find a spot at the Beats Antique set.

The doors opened at 9:30 PM, with music starting at 10:30 PM and the event running until 2 AM. If you ever get a chance to attend another “Danceportation” event, do yourself a favor and go!