Features, Print January 11, 2023

No More Running: Seth Beamer Shines Solo

by Kevin Johnston

Strong inspiration can carry you a long way. For Denverite and man of many musical hats Seth Beamer, inspiration struck at least once recently and the propulsion is palpable. Having embraced a solo career path after parting ways with Wildermiss (a group he founded) a handful of years ago, Beamer has embraced his true self: a connector, teacher, master of many trades, and conduit of positive energy.

Releasing his debut single “The Runaround” on December 7, 2022, Beamer has hit the ground, well, running – racking up tens of thousands of instagram followers and winning Channel 93.3 KTCL’s annual Hometown For The Holidays competition last month. For Colorado artists, that’s a huge deal.

The track itself is hooky and hard-driving guitar pop touting a polished but honest “everyman” vibe. It’s one of the catchiest smart-rock tunes released in Colorado in a year and is no doubt grounds for his HTFTH win. Lyrically, “The Runaround” speaks of a sea change and a new leaf turned over. The kind of self actualization one gets from a hard look in the mirror and at the company you keep. “You keep giving me the runaround; and I hate wasting time,” Beamer sings. “You keep giving me the runaround; and I keep falling for it. I keep falling behind.”

Seth Beamer’s winning performance at Channel 93.3 KTCL’s 2022 Hometown For The Holidays. Photo by Aimee Giese

But Beamer is doing anything but falling behind. Bounding forward into 2023 with plans to release two more singles in conjunction with “The Runaround,” he is trusting in himself and doing what he does best. Which is, quite frankly, just doing. An online guitar teacher, documentary filmmaker, photographer, songwriter and, yes, multi-instrumentalist, Beamer thrives as a collaborator, but as “The Runaround” reveals, he shines as a leader.

“I can’t tell you how inspiring it was to work with [producers] Chris Beeble and Randall Kent on this,” Beamer tells BandWagon. “Those guys bring an artistic vision to the table that not only collides with my taste, but elevates the art in every way. You should have seen Beeble and me in the studio – we were cookin’!”

Beamer performs all the instrumentation on the track (aside from a killer drum performance by Ryan Bannigan) and claims the making of “The Runaround” as one of his biggest professional strides to date. 

“I don’t think I’ve ever worked that hard and intently in the studio,” Beamer said. “[Beeble] really pushed me to be the greatest I could be and for that I am very grateful.”

As Conan O’brien once said, “Life never turns out exactly the way you think it will. But if you work hard and are kind, amazing things will happen.”

Seth Beamer can surely concur. As the new year has begun, he is poised to connect with audiences and collaborators even more, by just being himself. Which is, in his words: “creating art in as many ways as I can.”

“The Runaround” by Seth Beamer is out now. Stream it wherever you listen to music or buy it and more directly from the artist at sethbeamer.net