Music, Print, Reviews December 13, 2022

Album Review: Trash. – Ghosts

by Nate Wilde

Let’s face it. For many, the past couple of years have been pretty garbage, in a lot of ways. However, for Colorado’s progressive pop-punk outfit Trash., it would seem the past two years have been about growth and preparing a sophomore release that, in every sense of the word, is quite the opposite of what the band’s moniker projects.

December 1st sees the release of Ghosts, their second EP which is, thus far, Trash.’s crowning achievement. The three song release is filled with tales of anti-love, angst, and feelings of helplessness, all cinched-up into a mostly fun, bouncy, pop-punk package.

At the helm of the group is frontwoman / guitarist Kayleigh “Jack” Gustkey whose powerful vocal delivery exudes equal parts attitude, emotion, and sex appeal. Paired with Michael Olivier’s punchy guitar work and voice, the songwriting team effectively turns Trash.’s poetry into sonic treasure.

Trash. live at the Black Buzzard in Denver. Photo by Dave Wood. Catch Trash. in concert again with Silver & Gold at The Moxi Theater in Greeley on Saturday, January 28. Tickets at

The musicianship of the outfit, rounded out by bassist Sam Rucker and drummer Jordan Bettner, brings an interesting concoction of pop-punk and prog to the record. The band’s unique brand of power pop truly piques one’s interest when most unexpected: angular guitar work and dissonant chords jump out and catch the listener off guard.

Ghosts explores lyrical themes such as heartbreak, healing from a breakup, and, well, ghosts. In fact, the opening track “Residual” is not only spooky in a lyrical sense, but is accompanied by a music video partially filmed in Denver’s Cheesman Park with a prelude featuring one of Colorado’s creepiest true stories.

Recorded in Fort Collins at the famous Blasting Room, Ghosts is an exquisite representation of a band that is Warped Tour meets Dream Theater: punky yet grown up, raw yet articulate, fun yet a little heartbreaking, with relatable lyrics on life’s dregs which you may find you need to exorcize or dispose of yourself.

Click here to support the artist directly at or stream Ghosts wherever you hear music. Catch Trash. live with Silver and Gold at the Moxi Theater in Greeley on January 28th.