Music, Print, Reviews February 8, 2022

Album Review: One Peace – A GLORIOUS ONE

by Diego Felix

A GLORIOUS ONE finds itself at the crossroads of trunk-knocking production, emotion-soaked sampling, and vivid, unapologetic songwriting.

Released in December 2021 on independent Fort Collins-based record label Lion League Music, A GLORIOUS ONE from rapper One Peace and wunderkind producer Sagan Petr Smith is a nostalgic yet relevant album that feels as diverse as it does cohesive.

It’s like the Alchemist and DJ Screw co-produced an album and postmarked it for the Colorado MC to pen a 16-track journey reflecting on life, love, and the law. What he wrote is essentially a therapy session recorded to a syncopated 16-bar form, with OP’s speaking voice alone commanding more presence than the average MC yelling full volume into the mic.

Sonically, this project could stand in as the score to a Tarantino flick, while also being the tracklist for a forthcoming Grand Theft Auto radio station. And like a movie, all the album’s tracks are scenes; different, but contributing to the bigger story.

Take for example the first 4 cuts, which kick the album off aggressively. “THE LAW,” a dark and knocking, noir-style intro track; “FRESH OUT,” featuring booming 808s and a Memphis grit (think Three 6 Mafia); with the menacingly smooth “SNAGGLETOOTH” and riot-inducing “THE PIT” rounding out the first act.

Moving into the emotionally reflective second act, “WATCH,” “RED WINE” (OP’s personal favorite), and “ROSEGOLD,” touch on OP’s experience navigating relationships – spotlighting past missteps and contemplating future connections.

Rounding out the album’s final third is a collection of mood music for all areas of life. Want to vibe and cruise around? Try “HELLBOUND” or “WAIT.” Touch on social issues or get introspective? Listen to “POPO” or “ABANDONMENT ISSUES (REMIX).” Just want some barred-up rapper shit? “BUTTERFLY HOUSE,” “FEMUR BONES,” and “INNER PEACE” bring us home.

A GLORIOUS ONE by One Peace is available on all streaming platforms. Click here to stream, purchase and follow. Catch One Peace live on February 24 at The Coast in Fort Collins as part of Hidden Gems Vol 1.