Music, Print, Reviews February 3, 2022

Album Review: Fast Eddy – Take A Look

by Valerie Vampola

As modern rock groups lean into synthesized productions, Denver’s Fast Eddy keeps the standard rock ‘n roll traditions alive in their new full-length album Take A Look. The album is fun, upbeat and packed with influences from classic rock, hard rock and 2010’s alternative. 

After three years of recording bits of the album in Atlanta with producer Tuk Smith (Tuk Smith and the Restless Hearts, Biters) Fast Eddy teased audiences with the title track “Take A Look” accompanied by an excellent music video featuring members of the USA Shaolin Kung Fu Academy. The song serves as a great introduction to the record, with upbeat grooves and a catchy guitar riff, coupled with flashy martial arts fighting sequences and an anti-bullying message. 

The rest of the album, such as in the lead guitar on “Milwaukee,” maintains that same, kicking energy. A few of the songs dip into a harder realm, reminiscent of The Foo Fighters, like “Kill City,” a minor-key growler. “Dead Eyes” uses some of the same techniques toned down a bit, but on the whole, Take A Look weighs on the brighter side of accessible hard rock, including some punk flashes as heard on “Hurricane Alley.”

Staying away from heavy-handed production can give bands a throw-back feel, sounding like The Rolling Stones with their poppy, upbeat grooves and gritty vocals. Fast Eddy does so, even making some blatant quotes from the early days of rock and roll. In “Lost,” for example, bluesy riffs recall staple Chuck Berry recordings. Sticking to the classic rock band set-up makes the record appealing to analog die-hards and keeps a fun, well executed art form grounded in basic traditions. The album dropped last month at Denver’s HQ – now that it’s out, be sure to take a look and a listen.

Catch Fast Eddy on tour now. They play in NYC tonight, Feb 3, at TV EYE and play every night en route to their final tour appearance in Kansas City, MO at Union Library on Feb 7. Find Take A Look on vinyl as well as online at – photos by David Sands.