Music, Print, Reviews February 7, 2022

Single Review: Bekka Jean – “What If I Forget About You ='(”

by Valerie Vampola

Following the passing of her mother, Greeley’s Bekka Jean independently released her new single “What If I Forget About You ='(” on January 7. The folky, shoegaze ballad addresses the struggles her mom faced during her battle with dementia. Delivered via lush vocal harmonies and a lightly plucked acoustic guitar, the lyrics cry Jean’s frustrations out, like Phoebe Bridgers or a timid Delores O’Riorden of The Cranberries. References to the every-day become totems of the bereaved as she sees her mom become a stranger and hopes she doesn’t have the same fate.

“What If I Forget About You ='(” is streaming now on all platforms – click here for all things Bekka Jean.