Music, Print, Reviews January 5, 2022

Single Review: DEBR4H – Cassi-0-Peia

by Kevin Johnston

It’s 2022 and yes, it’s possible that your garage band owns 100 synthesizers. It was true for DEVO back in the day and it’s true for DEBR4H, the FoCo ensemble led by Jed Murphy. They push the borders between rock and electronic music; between what’s weird and what’s cool. They wield keyboards like Johnny Ramone wielded his Mosrite guitar.

Out January 20, “Cassi-0-Peia” pushes the band’s blipping further across that space. A full-on synth stomp at the outset thickens up to a dense sparkle as intricate as the Milky Way on the chorus. Murphy’s partner Kayna delivers monotone Kraftwerk interjections and Metric-like doubles to Murphy’s croon, and Oliver Mueller (Slow Caves) and FoCo DIY fixture Zach Visconti weave instrumental counter melodies and support throughout. The group isn’t pop, garage or EDM, exactly, but whatever the constellation is, DEBR4H shines.

See DEBR4H live on January 13 at Lost Lake in Denver with Mon Cher and Wally. Click here for tickets.

DEBR4H from left: Kayna Hobbs, Zach Visconti, Jed Murphy, Oliver Mueller. All photos by Backstage Flash