Music, Print, Reviews January 4, 2022

Album Review: N3ptune – RENAISSANCE

by Valerie Vampola

N3ptune’s album RENAISSANCE, released last month, is a birth of style that combines elements of trap, dark dance pop, and heavy blues rock. 

Like his past releases, Denver’s N3ptune kept the mood dark through his beats and lyrical themes revolving around struggles with suicide and abuse, like in ”MILITIA.” But what we have not heard much before is his use of a powerful RnB and soul voice to convince listeners of his suffering. “WEDLOCK” uses a layered vocal chorus and improvisations that sound like a gritty gospel choir over which N3ptune raps about his father, whom he portrays as a corrupt preacher. It features more soul than N3ptune’s past releases, at least until he takes a sharp turn into a heavy trap section.

“WHITE PONY” introduces a stomping, bluesy rock style, reminiscent of The Black Keys, which is new and unique to N3ptune’s aesthetic. The four-on-the-floor style is accentuated by a Jack White-esque guitar solo via his collaborator and the record’s producer, Rusty Steve.

Denver’s N3ptune (left) with producer, guitarist Rusty Steve will join Sleigh Bells on a month-long tour on the heels of the RENAISSANCE release. All photos by Sean Rose

N3ptune also plays around with dance-pop but with his own dark overtone and clubbing beats in “MISERY LOVES COMPANY,” which pulls things in an upbeat Lady Gaga direction and “ABSENT (BODY),” which features dark synths reminding listeners of The Weeknd.

RENAISSANCE is an appropriate title for an album by an artist who does it all: acting, singing, modeling, producing and performing. But moreso, this album is the rebirth of a man finding the perfect way to combine all his influences and styles into high mainstream art.

N3ptune will open for Sleigh Bells on an East Coast US tour February 8 through March 6, later performing at Treefort Music Fest. Directly support N3ptune via his current go fund me by CLICKING HERE. More at