The Colorado Sound’s My5 – February 2021

by BandWagon Magazine

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While listening to music beds to play at 7:30 for Today In Music History, I realized all of these could help you get through this part of the winter!

1. Cliff Nobles & Co. – “The Horse” This ’68 gold record was the 1st hit for the horn section that became MFSB in the 70s! Did your high school pep band play this at games?

2. Les Dudek – “Old Judge Jones” I forgot what a dang catchy tune this is from the guy who played with the Allmans on Brothers and Sisters. I also forgot this song has lyrics.

3. Eric Johnson – “Cliffs Of Dover” Back in ’90 while in Steamboat Springs, I got introduced to the FANTASTIC guitar work of Johnson – the son of a whistling enthusiast. (really!) A great tune for us air guitarists!

4. Johnny Pate – “Shaft In Africa” Of course we know Isaac Hayes’ theme to the 1st Shaft film, but how about this one from the terrible THIRD Shaft film?!?

5. Young-Holt Unlimited – “Soulful Strut” You may not care that there’s still a few weeks of winter when you put on this upbeat gem from former members of the Ramsey Lewis Trio.

The new Top 20 of ‘21 question for February: It’s a short month so we decided it would be fun to find out your favorite short song! We’ll count the top 20 short songs as voted by you at the end of the month. Tell us your favorite at

1. Pigs On The Wing (Pt.1)” – Pink Floyd Off the 1971 album Animals, this love song is only 1:26 but it is so good it doesn’t need to be any longer.

2. “Particle Man” They Might Be Giants You can always count on short bursts of goofy fun from They Might Be Giants.

3. “London Dungeon” – Misfits Creepy and short. Just what one expects from the Misfits.

4. “Hawaii Five-0” – The VenturesThe theme to the television show is instantly catchy and will probably stay in your head long after you hear it.

5. “All” The Descendents    This 1 second song (yes, 1 second) memorably begins the 1987 album of the same name. By the way, the sequel to the song clocks in at 2 seconds). We may have a winner!

It’s been a wild start to 2021. Time for some good news!

1. Bike from coast to coast on the Great American Rail Trail This ambitious project will eventually connect 145 “rail-trails” from Washington DC to Washington state. Rail-trails are former railroad corridors, turned multi-use public trails. An easily accessible, great way to enjoy the outdoors, coast to coast! Nearly 2,000 miles of the route have been completed so far!

2. Rewilding Britain A new nature network plans to “rewild” 300,000 acres of land in the UK, in a bid to boost biodiversity. The first animals to be re-introduced to the English woodland are European bison. Upcoming projects include the reintroduction of beavers, white-tailed eagles, red kites and the enormous Dalmatian pelican.

3. Adidas’ makes vegan leather shoes Adidas has announced it’s launching a line of sneakers made from mushroom-based leather. The new Stan Smiths will be entirely vegan, created using mycelium: that is, the vegetative part of fungi that produces mushrooms. Gives a whole new meaning to foot fungus!

4. Monserrate Hill Hummingbird SanctuaryAfter ten years of restoration, Monserrate Hill on the outskirts of Bogota, Colombia, has been transformed from a deforested eyesore to a bird sanctuary. An oasis of calm amidst the city of 8 million people, it is home to over 115 species of birds, including 18 types of hummingbirds.

5. A More Courteous Conversation – A Norwegian TV show called Einig? (meaning Agreed?) is taking some of the toxicity out of current political debate by forcing guests to be courteous to each other. The show’s philosophy: no name calling, no interrupting and actually try to understand your opponent.


1. Barry Gibb – Greenfields Barry Gibb has delivered one of the most surprising records in a long time. Gibb headed to Nashville and worked with producer extraordinaire Dave Cobb to rework some classic Bee Gee material. Guests include Jason Isbell, Brandi Carlile, Gillian Welch and many more. Not a bad song on the record.

2. The Bee Gees: How Can You Mend A Broken Heart on HBO Max  While on the topic, be sure and check out this documentary. It’s easy to forget all of the accomplishments this band has had, but enough time has passed since the disco era to give a whole new appreciation to a band that is so much more than Saturday Night Fever.

3. I’ll Be Gone In The Dark on HBO Max This documentary has two different agendas. The first: the pursuit and capture of the Golden State Killer. The other:  the exploration of true crime writer, Michelle McNamara’s life. Instead of a typical crime documentary, viewers are treated to healthy doses of humanity and compassion for those affected.

4. Nick Waterhouse: “Place Names” Whether producing others or creating his own music, Nick Waterhouse always delivers quality. “Place Names” is no different. It’s the first single from his upcoming release Promenade Blue; a tribute to Waterhouse’s upbringing in the Bay area and visit to the California of yesteryear.

5. Beach Bunny – “Good Girls (Don’t Get Used)” Upbeat, catchy, and clever, Chicago’s Beach Bunny delivers another audio assault. Singer Lili Trifilio is not a fan of people who choose not to be present and this song lets us know.