The Colorado Sound’s My5 – May 2021

by BandWagon Magazine

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1. Colorado Sound Music Meetings Every month we give you a chance to hear unreleased music and let us know if it fits on 105.5. Come join our monthly virtual meetings!

2. Honoring Memorial Day From Noon to 1pm each Memorial Day, Margot and The Colorado Sound honor those who’ve given their lives for our country with our annual 1-hour special of songs and sounds of remembrance.

3. BIFF is back! The Colorado Sound is again an official sponsor of the Boulder International Film Festival June 24-27. Great films, great talks, great venues indoor & out!

4.  Live music is back too!  In early April, live music shows started getting announced at a frantic pace. The Colorado Sound Presents event calendar keeps you up to date with a lot of them! 

5. Summer is nigh!  Sometimes it was warmer than it should have been, sometimes the snow fell later than it should have. But in 4 weeks, it’s officially Summer!


Goth music & subculture have been satirized in the media since they started becoming popular in the 80’s. Initially a minimalist offshoot of post-punk, Goth often explored dark themes & imagery. This month, for The Colorado Sound’s Top 20, we want to know your favorite Goth song. Tell us at

1. A Life Less Lived (The Gothic Box), Various Artists Though this box set was released 15 years ago, it remains a thorough overview of the Goth music scene in the 1980’s. It features songs by Joy Division, Siouxsie & The Banshees, and Bauhaus among others.

2. South Park, Season 12 Episode 14: The UngroundableThis episode of South Park pokes gentle fun at the Goths and goes to great lengths to explain the difference between Goth kids and Vampire kids.

3. Music 101: Goth Rock You can listen to this archived Music 101 episode for another overview of Goth music.

4. A Brief History Of Goth by Dan AdamsClick at left to watch this illustrated history of Goth.

5. The Castle Of Otranto by Horace WalpoleThis 1764 novel is considered to be the father of all modern Goth ideas.

Wolves and rocks and gorillas, oh my! And Avalanches too…

1. Meow Wolf opening soon! This artist collective started in Santa Fe and opened their Vegas location in February. Denver is next! Think: a jungle gym, haunted house, children’s museum, and immersive art exhibit combined via a variety of media. To hold you over until opening day, try their interactive art ride Kaleidoscape at Elitch Gardens.

2.  Atlas Obscura the podcast Want to travel but only have 15 minutes? This podcast is your audio guide to the world’s strange, incredible, and wondrous places. Co-founder Dylan Thuras and a bevy of reporters explore unusual wonders, and fascinating people every Monday through Thursday.

3. More Red Rocks shows announced! Red Rocks keeps adding shows! This summer look for: Diplo, Lucero, Mt Joy, Michael Franti, Big Head Todd, and the Avett Brothers. If you have tickets for a show that was postponed, make sure to check the YEAR – they’re also announcing summer shows for 2022!

4. Colorado Avalanche celebrates 25 years in Colorado!Skating to a live (albeit relatively small) crowd has ignited the Avalanche game! The team’s playing well, they have a shot at winning their third President’s Cup and have a goalie who may end up in the hall of fame. Yes, please and thank you!

5. Godzilla vs. Kong (GVK)  Need a good escape movie? Check out GVK, the 36th movie in the Godzilla franchise, dating back to 1954. Let that sink in. Whether you’ve seen them all or never thought Godzilla was for you, this 200-million-dollar movie may not be high art, but it is awesome fun.


NPR is turning 50 years old. I was asked to nominate and write about some of the best songs that came out in 1971. For the complete list of songs, click here. My nominations are:

1. Rolling Stones: “Brown Sugar” Perhaps the greatest opening guitar riff in the history of Rock and Roll. Recorded in Muscle Shoals over a brief 3-day layover. The song oozes everything that is great about rock music.

2. David Bowie: “Changes”  From the Bowie record Hunky Dorky which made him a superstar, the song embraces Bowie’s lifelong philosophy that change is inevitable, good, and unavoidable.

3. Bill Withers: “Ain’t No Sunshine” Bill Withers’ voice is as smooth as silk. Even when he goes up in his range the vocal quality never wavers. Backed with a group strong enough to match his voice, the song will always be one of the greatest examples ever recorded of the pain that comes from a breakup.

4. Aretha Franklin: “Rock Steady” Aretha shows us why she will always be the queen of soul. From the greasy, opening bass line to the tight rhythm and powerful background singing, this song combines funk and soul to create a masterpiece.

5. Gil Scott-Heron: “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” In just over 3 minutes, Gil Scott-Heron showed the ridiculousness of what society values. By giving lip service to everyone and everything from Bullwinkle to Spiro Agnew, Heron proved his point: unless the revolution gave “your mouth sex appeal,” it would not be televised.