New on 94.3 The X: ‘Songs You Need To Hear’

by Shelby Taylor-Thorn

The Unlikely Candidates – Violence

Given that we know how much Fort Collins and Greeley (and the rest of Colorado) love the Candidates, we couldn’t not give their latest one an instant add to our playlist. ‘Ringer’ was catchy and poppy and fun – a total juxtaposition to its lyrics – but ‘Violence’ is much less subtle; a banger you probably won’t ‘pop the question’ to.

Barns Courtney – Golden Dandelions

We first got acquainted with Barns last summer at Illegal Pete’s in Fort Collins because we believe all good relationships begin in burrito bars, obviously. This summer I had the pleasure of seeing Barns again at a music showcase, and after watching numerous bands perform throughout the week, the one song that I really fell in love with and knew I had to bring back to Colorado, was the latest from Barns, ‘Golden Dandelions.’

Blink-182 – Home Is Such a Lonely Place

I’ll admit, I wasn’t a huge fan of Blink’s California from the get-go, as most people were – you know the album with two #1 singles and a Grammy nomination… Anyway, I’m also not usually big on slow songs either, but there’s just an exception to anything, isn’t there? There is really something so undeniably genuine coming from Hoppus and Skiba that just pulls at your heart strings in this one.

Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness – So Close

As if McMahon ever puts out a song we don’t like, right? The follow up to ‘Fire Escape’ and second single from Zombies and Broadway is no sophomore slump. He’s made a definite departure from Jack Mannequin’s early-2000s alt-pop, and ‘So Close’ almost flirts with being a dance track – all while still being, so sincerely, Andrew McMahon.

Arcade Fire – Everything Now

For fans of: disco balls, glitter, old Abba records and maybe a little…pan flute? There’s certainly a retro funk revival working its way into new rock alternative, and it’s apparent in the latest Arcade Fire and Killers tracks, to name a few. The world may not be ready for your dad’s vintage flare jeans, however, so let’s pace ourselves.