New on 94.3 The X, Print April 3, 2017

New on 94.3 The X: ‘Songs You Need to Hear’

by Shelby Taylor-Thorn

SWMRS – Palm Trees

Swmrs had us at the first ‘left foot yellow,’ while playing Twister backstage at Hodi’s in Fort Collins last summer.They had painted fingernails and ‘X’s’ on their hands, which is kind of surprising when you take a listen to some of the lyrics on their album, Drive North. A time when most young artists are producing electro pop songs, ‘Palm Trees’ stands out as guitar-driven punk with actual substance

Weezer – Feels Like Summer

My reaction on first listen: I love the song. I hate that it’s Weezer. At the end of the day though, a good song is a good song, and considering what global warming is doing to Colorado right now, it does feel like summer – so just enjoy it the damn song and forget about the fact that it would never have made it onto the Blue album.

Lorde – Green Light

Scruggs describes Lorde’s ‘Green Light’ as the ‘song you hear in an epic montage in the middle of a movie.’ We agree, and we’re giving her new alt-pop blast-on-a-Friday-night-anthem a ‘go.’

Portugal. The Man – Feel It Still

We’re feelin’ Portugal. The Man’s latest like it’s 1966. File under: Catchy psych pop. It isn’t something we get a lot of an alt rock radio, but like Cage the Elephant’s ‘Cold, Cold, Cold,’ we’re noticing a bit of a 60’s revival trending, and can’t turn down a good, nostalgic dance track.

The Orwells – They Put a Body in the Bayou

It’s a tossup between ‘Palm Trees’ and ‘They Put a Body in the Bayou’ for edgiest pop song on our playlist right now, but in an effort to #MakeAmericaPunkAgain, we’re happy to welcome both to The X. The young garage rock band from Chicago is following up their politically-fueled 2014 single ‘Who Needs You’ with yet another gritty commentary on, we assume, our nation’s leaders (go watch the video).


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