New on 94.3 The X, Print March 1, 2017

New on 94.3 The X– ‘Songs You Need to Hear’

by Shelby Taylor-Thorn

COIN – “I Don’t Wanna Dance”

File under: Songs I Keep on Repeat for Hours. COIN’s new single might be about not wanting to dance, but it kind of makes you want to do the opposite. The song could also just be something one of the band members uncovered on an old 8-track they found in a garage somewhere. We’d believe it. #80sTreasure?


Sundara Karma – “She Said”

OK, girls chasing boys, boys chasing girls; not exactly an unexplored lyrical concept, but here’s a new take on it. For when you’re tired of ‘playing the game’ and you’d rather just go out with your friends and forget about feeling like you have to try. – “She Said,” from the mesh shirt-wearing UK indie band, Sundara Karma.


Cold War Kids – “Love Is Mystical”

Where has the band Cold War Kids been? Back in 2015, you couldn’t go anywhere without hearing the song “First.” It turns out that over the last year, while the band seemed relatively quiet, they were actually making a little history. The single hit number one, and then remained on the charts for a total of 64 weeks – which is a pretty freakin’ long time. Following “First” by nearly two years to the date, will ‘Love Is Mystical’ do the same? We don’t know, but we do know we’re into it.


Missio – “Middle Fingers”

We all love to use that thing every now and then – or, more often than we should… sorry, Mom. We spun Missio’s “Middle Fingers,” which is, in fact, about flipping the bird, during my Test Drive at Five, and it was one that our listeners gave a ‘thumbs up’ to right off the bat. Likely because it’s so appropriate for I-25 traffic.


The Heydaze – “Hurt Like Hell”

They once toured with Jesse McCartney – Summerland, The WB, 2004 anyone? But, you could say the band has kind of come into their own recently with the song “Hurt Like Hell,” the catchiest breakup song since Jesse McCartney’s “How Do You Sleep?” (featuring Ludacris). Just kidding – no offense, Jesse, but these guys blow you out of the water.

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