New on 94.3 The X, Print February 1, 2017

New on 94.3 The X: Songs You Need To Hear

by Shelby Taylor-Thorn

The Shins – Name For You

Things have been quiet on the shins front for about… five years now? But, as they say, good things do come to those who wait. We waited, and we got “Name for You,” ‘a feminist anthem’ inspired by frontman James Mercer’s daughters, according to Consequence of Sound. Honestly, even without its positive message, it’s so upbeat and fun. It could be about clubbing baby seals and we’d still listen to it – but we’re glad it’s not about that, because that’s messed up.

Cage the Elephant – Cold Cold Cold

The latest single from the band’s album Tell Me I’m Pretty warms up my cold ice queen heart every time I hear it. Like a good cat eye, it’s modern, but timeless; bringing the classic elements of ‘60s garage rock into millennial rock, where it’s needed. Sounds like: The Zombies The Byrds, The Sonics. Does not sound like/ Cage the Elephant’s “Trouble,” “Mess Around.”

Sigma – Find Me

If you recall the teenager who went viral (and Platinum) with a cover of Bon Iver’s “Skinny Love” a few years back, that was Birdie, who you can hear on this track from the DJ-duo, Sigma. Yes, DJ-duo -l it’s definitely more of an EDM-infused song for our playlist, but dark and dramatic and a little bit mesmerizing.

Bastille – Blame

Bastille’s latest from the album “Wild World” is a bit edgier than the first single, “Good Grief.” Does not feature any soundbites from classic John Hughes films, but still gets five stars from us.

Love Thy Brother – Love Me Better

Another pair of DJs (who are actually brothers) pairing with a female vocalist. Love Thy Brother’s “Love Me Better” featuring Ariel Beesley is one of those fun synthy songs that’s actually pretty gritty and angst below the surface; it’s both your Saturday-night-alone-at-home-crying-over-the-ex-song, and the one you’ll blast in your car when you’re going out with your friends. I know because I tried both.

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