Features, Print August 12, 2013

ARISE Spotlight – Random Rab

by Kendra Hamman

RandomRabHeadphonesRandom Rab hails from the San Fran underground but did not stay underground for very long. He made his claim to fame playing the sought after sunrise sets at Burning Man. It is clear listening to his music that he has an outstanding understanding of several different music styles which makes sense when the audience realizes that he has dabbled in acoustic performances, played bass for a country band, and was a lead singer for a rock band at one point in Mexico. He released his first album The Elucidation of Sorrow in 2004 and since has only gained popularity. Four albums later his style has maintained the vibe of love and unity for the EDM scene and he has just released his latest album Visurreal in 2011. “Its really more then just the music it’s a movement, a culture, a society. It’s a coming together of people from all over the world into a larger culture that is all about art and positivity,” says a peaceful Random Rab on a film collaboration documenting Random Rabs’ journey around the world, titled Visurreality by Charles Shaw.

Listening to Random Rab is a unique experience while sitting at my favorite coffee shop barely being able to keep still. His variations of spatial harmonies weave in and out of glitchy over tones, and smooth trance progressions all strung together with a heavy drum line. The background is watermarked with iridescent vocals beckoning the listener in closer with every measure. The listener can tell that he is a fifteen-year veteran of EDM by his flawless transitions and there is no doubt that his live performance at ARISE on Aug 17th on the festivals center stage will attract as many diverse and beautiful people as the sounds and energy he will be graciously sharing with the crowd.

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