Features, Print April 10, 2013

Local Band Profile: Mike Ring and the Connection

by Sean Hunter

DSC_0013-2Newcomers Mike Ring and the Connection haven’t been in the Greeley music scene for long, but you’d never know it. Blending folk and electronic pop, the band explodes with a percussive mix of invigorating songs. And while the band has a well-polished studio sound, their passion for live music is what drives them.

Mike Ring and the Connection is made up of Pie Lombardi (percussion and vocals,) Devon Hildebrandt (lead guitar and vocals,) Mariah Foster (vocals, percussion, and keys,) Scott Poole (drums,) Carter Jackson Sheppard (bass,) and of course frontman Mike Ring. Formed out of a musical necessity to explore his singer/songwriter catalogue with a band, Ring began by playing shows in and around Denver. But, after realizing the many difficulties of playing the area, Ring came to Greeley for a more supportive music scene. “I needed a place to find my sound, to really focus on the music,” says Ring. Greeley provided a musical retreat for Ring, drawing inspiration from local favorites Paul Beveridge & Co.

Mike Ring and the Connection has a sound that evokes many notable bands in the genre (like River City Extension and Imagine Dragons,) but the unique tone of Ring’s voice paired with The Connection’s dynamic instrumentation set the group apart from the rest. Songs like “Waking Up” (which will be featured on their upcoming EP) feature stellar vocals and explosive music that’ll leave the song stuck in your head for days. It’s the kind of sound Ring surrounds himself with.

Supported by Greeley’s music culture, Mike Ring and the Connection has earned it’s place among the town’s dynamic music scene. The band has an EP titled Ashy that is set to release this month. Ashy features four wonderful tracks that showcase Mike Ring and the Connection’s powerful ability to create a memorable song. Though they’ve only been rocking out in Greeley for a year now, Mike Ring and the Connection are seated nicely among the ranks of northern Colorado bands to watch.

Photo by Kendra Hamman.

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