Art, Community March 13, 2013

Review: “Screams from the Inside of an Cardboard Box”

by Jay Wallace

cover-headIt’s rare that we get a comic book dropped off at BandWagon’s offices, but when this three-story collection by Greeley artist Luke Belsito landed on our desk, we took a good look at it and were fascinated by what we saw.

Screams from the Inside of an Cardboard Box was drawn by Belsito over the course of two years. He possesses a rough but attractive drawing style that works well with the undeniably odd and at times fucked-up stories within the book. photo2Screams is dark, but it also possesses a wicked sense of humor that will make you grin on occasion, even if you really shouldn’t.

It’s difficult to get into what Screams‘ three tales are about without giving too much away. The first is about a guy who dearly misses his cat. Following that is an almost Lovecraftian story of an asshole with a Pokemon keychain who dismisses a hobo and pays for it. (It’s the most uplifting tale in the collection, believe it or not.) The last installment is a darker-than-dark story about a drunkard and a young girl he kidnaps. It’s not what you think it is, but it is a depressing, horrifying, screwed-up story.

It’s a rather engrossing read; it proved to be a distraction to some of the staff around the office. Personally, I friggin’ loved it, even though I’m not the type who reads stuff this dark. Should you feel inclined to pick up a copy of Screams–and you should–hit up Belsito’s website and order one from the store. You will not only have something good to read before you go to bed, you’ll be supporting a talented local artist and hopefully encourage him to make another collection.

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