Weld Found: Tim Coons And The Anti-Isolation Movement

September 16, 2019

Tim Coons, a longtime spiritual musician in Greeley who’s released several albums now works for the Weld Community Foundation. He recently launched Weld Found – a new podcast examining the phenomenon of isolation and loneliness in the modern world, particularly in Weld County. Episodes feature Neyla Pekarek, Sociologist Dr. Josh Packard and more.

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Album Review: Giants & Pilgrims – The Joyous Mysteries

December 12, 2017

The best songs stand on their own. Shiny packaging can make for an attractive top 40 hit, holiday gift or Christmas cookie, but the ones that really resonate are the personal ones hand-made with love. Giants & Pilgrims’ The Joyous Mysteries sets out to give us such a gift, though not without some slick sonic tricks up its green sleeves.

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Album Review: Giants and Pilgrims – Almanac No. 1

March 6, 2014

Tim Coons represents a new generation of musicians who are coming into a world of over saturation and perpetually chased website clicks. For Coons (35), he’s seen it from the beginning. Consistently recording albums since his time as a music student at the University of Northern Colorado, Coons watched on the outside as the Internet and the music industry decentralized the local musician’s support structure.

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