Album Review: Modern Leisure – Super Sad Rom-Com

June 29, 2018

Modern Leisure’s Super Sad Rom-Com is a chilled-out / bummed-out illustration of a songwriter’s studio apartment life. Having departed from former Denver bands The Outfit and Shady Elders, mastermind Casey Banker “wanted to express the loneliness and euphoria of being a guy living in a semi-big city in my 20’s.” Made layer by layer and then re-recorded from scratch, the resulting collection of mid-tempo dream-folk jams make us want to hit the beach and text our ex with a Bluetooth boombox and ice-cold LaCroix in hand.

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Album Review: Shady Elders–Inside Voices

March 1, 2017

Inside Voices is the debut, full-length album from the Denver based quartet, Shady Elders. An appropriate album title as the songs are dreamy, lush, and moody. Singer/guitarist Fox Rodemich’s smooth alto voice compliments the band perfectly and is the defining force behind the songs.

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New Music Monday: Shady Elders — The Night Air EP

January 19, 2015

While their name might evoke images of seniors engaging in dangerous or illicit activities, the sounds from their previous records featured heavy, lush instrumentation, and a moody melody. Hailing from our beloved capital city, I am speaking, of course, of Shady Elders. The follow up to the No Favors EP has arrived: The Night Air EP.

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Review: Shady Elders – No Favors

May 8, 2013

No Favors, Shady Elders’ debut EP, is a refreshing breath of reality to the Colorado music scene. Neither dreary nor meandering, these are simple pop tunes that are relatable and extremely catchy, never drowning listeners in sunshine or using flashy gimmicks. Labeled as shoegaze, Shady Elders speaks more as an old-fashioned rock and roll outfit using melody and strong vocals to keep the record fresh. Although not completely perfect, No Favors gives audiences a break from the bow tie rock that has been dominating Colorado airwaves.

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