The Historic Vanguard Jazz Orchestra

April 17, 2015

If it’s not already evident, maintaining a band presidency for forty-nine years is a pretty impressive feat, especially when the band is a 16 member jazz ensemble that came about during a racially tense America in the ‘60s. The Vanguard Jazz Orchestra has welcomed several top named professionals in the industry and undergone a succession of directors, but they’ve consistently produced lively, intricate jazz performances throughout their existence. They currently post up in New York City performing the historically reputable Village Vanguard, where they’ve been a weekly headline for decades. The VJO have successively preserved the initiative of big band music against all popularity odds allowing their talent to transcend listeners back and forth through time.

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Americana Bliss: The Avett Brothers’ Continue Their Rise to Notoriety

July 13, 2014

While it may seem unfathomable that New York City native and hip-hop aficionado Rick Rubin produced The Avett Brothers’ records, it’s really not that strange. Rubin has produced all types of music during the span of his career, including Americana. From Johnny Cash and The Beastie Boys to Mick Jagger and Public Enemy, Rubin has left his fingerprint on countless albums, and in the process, cemented his reputation as a legendary producer.

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