Album Review: Full Nelson — In The Whale

April 6, 2015

Former Greeley band, now Denver favorite hit the ground running with their latest EP Full Nelson. It’s a raucous, thunderous expansion on their already raucous and thunderous sound. On Full Nelson we hear In the Whale in full command of this wild animal of a band birthed out of a particularly grueling time in the Greeley music scene. Since then they have clawed their way up the Colorado music latter with show after show, release after release, and now tour after tour. Full Nelson has them at their current best with five tracks of honest rock and roll.

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Album Review: In the Whale – Nate

April 9, 2014

As always, In the Whale boasts a driving, electrifying power that takes up an incredible amount of sonic space despite being composed of just two guys. The basic guitar-and-drum formula works, and while there’s nothing at all elaborate about the band’s music, it’s the earnestness with which they perform it that makes it so damn fun.

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