Concert Photos April 1, 2024

Slow Joy @ Moxi Theater | 03.30.24

by Jason Alfaro

The Moxi Theater in Greeley, CO witnessed an electrifying performance by Slow Joy, led by Esteban Flores of Dallas, TX. Their hits like “Crawl II” and “Pulling Teeth” have been making waves on TikTok and Instagram, setting the stage for an explosive night of music.

Esteban Flores’s heartfelt singing and the band’s mix of ’90s nostalgia grunge and emo captivated the scene of the night. Fans thrashed and jumped , shouting every lyric word for word, completely engulfed in the band’s high-octane energy.

Slow Joy’s performance left a lasting impression on Greeley. As they keep pushing boundaries in the music scene, their reputation as creators of genuine, passionate music only grows stronger. Slow Joy is undoubtedly a band to watch, leaving there audience on edge to see their next move and the heights they’ll undoubtedly reach.