Music, Reviews May 13, 2021

Single Review: Cous – “Turpentine”

by Laura Giagos

Smooth and understated, Denver-based singer songwriter Cassie Wilson, performing under the stage name Cous, continues to find ways to make writing simple and approachable music look easy. “Turpentine” is easy going yet packed with a loneliness just below the surface that gives some wonderful depth to its sentiments. 

While “Turpentine” isn’t going to blow anyone away with its energy, that’s not really the point. It’s more about creating a vibe into which the listener can easily put themselves. From the subtle thumping bass and drums to Wilson’s smoky vocals, “Turpentine” has a quality which elevates her above so many other Colorado musicians.

Check out the single and more from Cous by visiting ~ Photo by Kate Cooper