Music, Print February 18, 2021

Single Premiere: Goth Club – Sweep Me Up

by Kevin Johnston

Caleb McFadden is known to most on the Northern Colorado music scene as leading the oddly left-of-center guitar, bass, drum rock trio Chess At Breakfast. In his new solo project Goth Club, McFadden maintains some of the dark, rock oddities Chess At Breakfast fans will know and, say, Primus fans will recognise, but he brings a new level of classic synth-goth to the party. 

Sweep Me Up,” Goth Club’s third release – which premieres via BandWagon, below – is a black lipstick affair. It sinks to the half-spoken, sultry depths of Monster Magnet’s “Paradise” or even Ramstein with an added layer of synths and old-school drum machines akin to an early Depeche Mode.

With “Sweep Me Up,” Caleb McFadden gives Goth Club more legs to stand on. All Photos by Callen Liverance

It must be noted that Mike Davis, McFadden’s “Chess mate” so-to-speak, contributes some heavy lifting by polishing the track from a production standpoint. And the freedom to experiment which McFadden and Davis display is a direct result of pandemic isolation and introspection. McFadden looks directly into the black mirror on “Sweep Me Up,” finding shadows, distortion and sludge within it. But seeking the depths offers some release, allowing one to reach an endpoint where the only way onward is up.

“Sweep Me Up” premieres exclusively via today, Thursday, February 18. Listen below!