Music, Print, Reviews September 9, 2020

Album Review: Gasoline Lollipops – All The Misery Money Can Buy

by Nate Wilde

With COVID-19 essentially destroying the 2020 concert season, many predicted that a wave of great new music would be released while artists hunker down in rehearsal spaces and studios, unable to play live. Fortunately, this prediction seems to be coming true, and one of Colorado’s most popular bands, The Gasoline Lollipops, will be delivering what can arguably be considered their masterpiece on September 11, 2020.

The album, All the Misery Money Can Buy, has been described by the band as a “politically charged union of soul music and Southern rock,” a statement that describes the upcoming record to a tee.

The Gas Pops truly shine on this new effort, incorporating their signature, dirty Americana folk style with elements of blues, gospel, country, and even nods to early ‘50s and ‘60s rock n’ roll. The keystone of the record is the band’s unique ability to blend singer Clay Rose’s gritty singing style with what appears to be a full-on gospel choir, on the title track as well as on “Train to Ride,” and “Flesh and Bone.”

Gasoline Lollipops release All The Misery Money Can Buy September 11 with a celebration show at Red Rocks on September 14.

All the Misery also showcases the sheer talent of the band’s members, with impressive guitar work from Donny Ambory throughout. Ambory melts faces the blues on “Dying Young,” goes full country on “Taking Time,” and later displays a juicy slide guitar solo reminiscent of Derek Trucks.

The retro, old school rock n’ roll of “Get Up!” sounds as if Chuck Berry or Jerry Lee Lewis were frozen in a time capsule back in 1957, then awakened in 2020 to lament about current struggles, including giving their lives “to the one percent.”

The album closes with the haunting, dark, gospel blues composition “Sinnerman,” a direct nod to Nina Simone’s version of the African American traditional. The track sounds like it was recorded at the Crossroads in the presence of the devil himself, and at over seven minutes in length, it’s a more than fitting way to close out a roots-rock record with hefty undertones.

Gasoline Lollipops perform a live album release show for All The Misery Money Can Buy at Red Rocks Amphitheater on September 14, 2020 with Everybody Loves An Outlaw as support. Pre order the record, buy tickets and more at