Music, Print, Reviews June 10, 2020

Album Review: Andy Sydow – Wicked Dreams

by Nate Wilde

The current state of things for the music industry is – put plainly – difficult. The mere idea of throwing an album release party or touring to support new material simply does not exist. However, local artists are still consistently grinding and releasing new material, and Colorado’s Andy Sydow has made this difficult time a little brighter with his latest EP Wicked Dreams.

The record kicks off with the title track, an alt-country story about nation-wide travel and going through the motions, while deep down the storyteller longs for true purpose. Reminiscent in style of early Wilco and Ryan Adams, it’s highlighted with a slide guitar solo that might appear in one of Derek Trucks’ dreams. After rambling through several states, the protagonist lands in Colorado which he “calls home,” full of “beauty, adventure, and a different kind of tone.”

The album then takes a turn into the sincere love song “Still My Girl.” Here Sydow bares his soul, yet keeps the mood a little tongue-in-cheek as he describes the ideal relationship he’s so fortunate to have found. Much like Neil Young did on Are You Passionate?, his collaborative album with Booker T. and the M.G.’s, Sydow combines elements of Americana and classic R&B to create a timeless ballad.

Finally, the record’s closer is the chill, quasi-love song “Feel Like Gold.” With elements of early folk-rock a la Buffalo Springfield or Gram Parsons, paired with a guitar solo that brings to mind Trey Anastasio or Jimmy Herring of Widespread Panic, the song takes the us to a weed-reeking Red Rocks show rife with freely-dancing hippies – frankly, an atmosphere we could all use right now.

Wicked Dreams is available now, and although a physical release show is impossible, the hour-plus live video he made to celebrate the release is still available to enjoy at by clicking here!