Premieres December 9, 2019

Video Premiere: The Great Salmon Famine – Ebekeneezer’s Tweezers

by Kevin Johnston

Space Exploration, goofy rhymes, fantasy cartoons and reggae-inspired funk. This eclectic combination of aesthetics is perfectly indicative of the pastiche of style, genre and humour abundant throughout everything The Great Salmon Famine does. The Fort Collins quintet premiere the music video for “Ebekeneezer’s Tweezers” exclusively via BandWagon today.

Just as the protagonist in the video rockets off to explore the planets – some dripping with ooze, some crowded by medieval knights or monster bands of strikingly similar names to The Great Salmon Famine themselves – this collaboration between the 5 piece Fort Collins party band and Emma-Claire Animation celebrates the same sense of joy through exploration, randomness and improvisation.

The Great Salmon Famine on stage at The Aggie Theater. The music video for “Ebekeneezer’s Tweezers” premieres below via Photo by Christina Covell

And though such a conglomeration of influence could come across as aimless wandering, The Great Salmon Famine stay focused on keeping things fun, but keeping their feet on their home planet too, with their hearts in the right place.

Currently partnered with The Burroughs in their Bands Give Back Initiative; $1 from every copy sold of their new record Kelp! will be donated to Greeley School District 6 to fund music education programs for future sonic explorers with a sense of adventure.

Watch “Ebekeneezer’s Tweezers” exclusively via BandWagon Magazine below: