Premieres November 29, 2021

Video Premiere: Holdfast. – “Time”

by Kevin Johnston

“Time” is the final music video from Stay and Fight, the debut album from Windsor-born, Fort Collins rock trio Holdfast. premiering exclusively via BandWagon, below.

“We are all trying to beat the clock,” Holdfast. tells BandWagon. “It’s such a universal problem. We don’t have enough time – but what’s beautiful about that is we have to try our absolute best to fit what’s actually important in our lives.

Holdfast. from left: Tommy, Charlie and Mikey Maddocks. The video for “Time” premieres via BandWagon today (see below). Photo by Andy Riggs

“This song is such a fan favorite we knew it was time to make a music video for it,” the band says, and they grapple with the time-race concept lyrically, offering a parallel example in the narrative of the video, the basis of which the band’s own Tommy Maddocks wrote. 

Directed by Ryan Frazee and involving dozens of the band’s fans, family and friends, the video is a grassroots production. “When we decided we wanted to make a video, we started coming up with ideas with [Tommy and Mikey’s] sister Alayna — who is also the choreographer,” the band says. The choreography, brought to life by Tommy Maddocks and dancer / actress Madelyn Caviness, brings the video into an elevated state of rock romanticism.

“‘Time’ really has a push-pull feeling that we leaned-into for mostly every aspect of the video,” the band says. “Between choreographing it and crafting these moments between band life and relationship life, there’s lots of give and take.”

And among takes (literally) as well as dozens of re-edits and re-imaginations, the Maddocks crew embraced the collaborative creative process resulting in a narrative that’s, well, timeless. “Eventually, with all those edits, the story comes to life in a whole new way,” Holdfast. says. The song has meant much to the band over the course of their biggest year yet, one which started with January’s release of Stay and Fight. With “Time,” Holdfast. is excited to come full-circle. 

Holdfast. celebrate the premiere of “Time” with a show at Larimer Lounge on Thursday, December 2nd with My Body Sings Electric and Compass & Cavern – watch the music video below.