Music, Premieres, Print, Reviews June 17, 2022

Video Premiere: Jelie – Just Like You

by Gabe Allen

We last heard from Denver hip hop up-and-comer Jelie in May when the rapper / producer released the pandemic-inspired “Cope” to coincide with mental health awareness month. Just weeks later, she’s back and her new single cuts just as deep.

On “Just Like You,” Jelie’s stoic flow oozes out over a delicious neo-soul-inspired beat. The “you” in the song is a former idol, fallen from grace in the emcee’s mind. 

“I used to watch your moves and root for you,” she spits pugilistically. “Nowadays I probably muted you. You’re not the person that I thought you were. I don’t know who is who.” Fans and haters take note. Jelie is on the come-up and she’s purging all her demons. 

The official music video for Jelie’s “Just Like You” directed by SAD, premieres today – exclusively via BandWagon. Watch below!