Music, Print, Reviews October 11, 2019

Album Review: Catcalls – The Catcalls EP

by Nate Wilde

The Northern Colorado music scene is truly a unique animal. We’ve got everything from bluegrass, new-grass, indie, alternative, and metal. However, if there was ever a void for a sultry, chill style of blues rock, The Catcalls have filled it with the polished purr of their self-titled release.

Led by singer and songwriter Riley Ann, The Catcalls have been stalwarts on the scene over the past few years (notably competing in our 2018 Battle Of The Bands) but it’s with the release of their upcoming self-titled EP that the group truly steps it up.

The record kicks off with “Bloodhounds,” a sort of Beatles-on-downers track, with big, dissonant chords. It’s a powerful yet chill opener that almost sounds like background music for a dream sequence in a film.

The Catcalls EP captures the energy Riley Ann (above) and her band emit live on stage.

Speaking of film, the album then showcases The Catcalls’ ability to take a song and make it their own, covering “You’re the One That I Want” from Grease. Riley and co-producer Jay Elliott take the John Travolta and Olivia Newton John classic and turn the temperature way down, transforming the bouncy pop hit into a cool, smooth number flecked with electric organ and wah-drenched guitars.

The album keeps with its cool, bluesy vibe on the very Colorado-centric “I Get High,” which features an almost honky-tonk piano, taking the listener’s imagination to an old rough-and-tumble roadhouse.

Finally, the arguably stand-out track, if you will, “My Stand” closes out the five song collection. It’s slow and mysterious, placing us in a vast desert, with Riley’s vocals going from a previously more Susan Tedeschi and Bonnie Raitt style, to a feel reminiscent of Natalie Merchant’s more somber early works.

The Catcalls’ self-titled EP not only accurately translates their raucous live performances to record, but also puts them at the forefront of cool, bluesy Colorado rock with an attitude that the scene so desperately needs.

The Catcalls release their self titled EP October 17 with a show at Pinball Jones Campus West in Fort Collins. Nate Wilde is an on air talent at 94.3 The X and 95 Rock in Grand Junction.