Music, Print, Reviews September 11, 2019

Album Review: Race To Neptune – Share My Frequency

by Nate Wilde

Many would argue that alternative rock has lost some edge since its heyday in the 1990s. Some attribute this segmentation to artists that strive to be a little heavier than the traditional alternative sound, treading into the waters of mainstream rock. On the contrary, many artists nowadays cater to the lighter side, sharing instrumentation, beats and other sonic elements with their contemporary pop counterparts. Despite the current climate, Northern Coloradans are fortunate to have quite the tasty alternative rock scene, rife with artists like Race To Neptune who stick to their roots. 

Since Race to Neptune’s inception in 2015, they’ve been delivering gritty yet fun, melodic alternative rock to Northern Colorado. Their upcoming EP Share My Frequency, out September 28, is the best example of their sound yet.

The record kicks off with the angsty “Unnatural Desires,” which delightfully reeks of flannel and Converse, taking the listener straight back to the era that gave us the filmsEmpire Records and Singles. Share My Frequency doesn’t necessarily stay in one vein, drifting into pop-punk territory on “Motion Blur,” and daring to employ a spooky, almost Halloween vibe on “Her Last Vengeance.”

Another stand-out is the delicate yet driving “Will the King,” a hopeful composition reminiscent of Siamese Dream-era Smashing Pumpkins. The track is an ideal soundtrack for an introspective ride in a taxi through the rain – you know, like that movie scene where the main character is going through a hard time, but is optimistic about the future.

But Share My Frequency pulls away from the cinematic, sentimental imagery and goes out with a bang on the over seven minute opus “Watch It Bleed.” This, the album’s closing track, is the truest representation of Race To Neptune’s identity. Featuring their signature alternative rock sound with elements of goth, Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd, and an intense jam à la Ween’s “Did You See Me,” it’s not unreasonable to say that Race to Neptune have truly outdone themselves.

Race To Neptune play Friday, September 13 at the brand-new DIY venue Blast N’ Scrap in Fort Collins, as well as the Share My Frequency release show Saturday, September 28 at the Downtown Artery with Valdez and Plasma Canvas.