Music, Print, Reviews September 7, 2019

Album Review: VYNYL – PINK

by Valerie Vampola

In 2017, VYNYL released an album that drew heavy alternative influences into their music. PINK, (October 3) instead pays tribute to the band’s name VYNYL by incorporating more 80‘s synth-pop flavors, but still maintaining a modern sound. 

Their songs from 2017 had hints of synth backgrounds, but they were dominated by alternative rock elements, most notably, distorted guitars. In contrast, the new album features drum grooves that bleed into a strong synthesized bass that gives PINK a danceable feel, especially paired with Tyler Whitely’s clean vocal delivery. 

Fort Collins synth pop band VYNYL releases PINK October 3.
Photos by Sarah West

The moody synth-pop elements on the album are reminiscent of vintage synth groups from the late 80’s like Erasure, Pet Shop Boys and Depeche Mode, especially with the band’s penchant for a darker sound pioneered by the latter of that trio. “Sleepless in LA” features an echoey spoken layer over the music (another Pet Shop Boys trick) almost like a recitation of poetry that’s disconnected from the verse and chorus. 

Stripping the album from distorted and “alternative” overtones opens up opportunities for complementary synth melodies that are subtle and tasteful but add fullness to the tracks. Songs like “Insomniac” and “Found Dead” have layers of little melodies and riffs that fill the spaces between the groove and vocal melody, giving the songs a unique, lush sensibility. When the band quiets them, the music feels minimalistic, drawing attention to White’s voice, the make-or-break element of any band. PINK is dark and moody, taking some classic new wave, synth-pop ideas and dressing them up in 2019’s clothes.

Check out VYNYL live at the PINK release show October 3rd at Lost Lake Lounge with In Real Life. In the meantime, go to White Groves Barber & Taproom in Loveland on September 13th – the only place to hear PINK before the release.