Premieres August 16, 2019

Video Premiere: Nuancer – Scratch That Itch

by Kevin Johnston

Daniel DiMarchi could be best described in the Denver music scene as “oh yeah, that guy!” A multi-creative musician, video producer and more, DiMarchi has supported notable acts in the area over the past handful of years. Nominated as one of Westword magazine’s best indie rock bassists for Tyto Alba, guitarist for Oxeye Daisy, who played Bohemian Nights and Red Rocks recently, or doing electronic production for aliens like Babelord, his personal project, Nuancer, has it’s own angular perspective and approach. Melding different aspects of the genres his other projects emobody – psych, chill wave, funk, pop, trap and more – it’s hard to pin down Nuancer’s sound. Fans of acts like Homeshake, David Bowie, Washed Out, Prince, Black Moth Super Rainbow, or Tame Impala will each find their own slice of the project to nosh on. Nuancer’s music video for “Scratch That Itch” premieres today on below.

The idea began as DiMarchi’s truly solo recording exercise, writing, recording, mixing and mastering everything himself. But his upcoming debut full length release, I Hardly Know Her, showcases DiMarchi’s strong ties to the music community via collaboration. Vocal guest appearances from Melanie Steinway (Tyto Alba), Lela Roy (Oxeye Daisy), Catie Rauhala (Pout House) and Casey Banker (Modern Leisure) pepper the record with a cast big enough to evoke the phrase “super group.” Alegedly, he’s not bored of this format, as collaborations with Ben Pisano (Corsicana), Madeline Johnston (Midwife), and Stephen Pamas (Hello, Mountain) are all pending.

Photos by Jake Cox

Nuancer dares to bring this studio party to the stage for the August 30 I Hardly Know Her release date, employing more faces from the Denver indie scene. Andrew Bair (Male Blonding), Caden Marchese (American Grandma), Ben Pisano (Corsicana), Casey Banker (Modern Leisure), Ramel Sanchez (Oxeye Daisy), Sean Culliton (Retrofette), Catie Rauhala (Pout House), Melanie Steinway (Tyto Alba), Lela Roy (Oxeye Daisy), and Babelord (Babelord) complete the roster.

As exciting as such an en masse display of Denver pop-cluster connectivity promises to be August 30 at The Hi-Dive, DiMarchi shines as a solo artist producing “in the box.” Premiering the video for “Scratch That Itch” today on, audiences can witness Nuancer’s freshness via DiMarchi’s second most comfortable place to work, the screen. Watch “Scratch That Itch” Below: