The Colorado Sound’s My5 – August 2019

by BandWagon Magazine

Below, Margot notes some 50th anniversaries, so I’ll look back 30 years to 1989!

1. Fine Young Cannibals: The Raw & the CookedIt was #1 in that summer. You couldn’t turn around without hearing “She Drives Me Crazy” or “Good Thing.” Still, 30 years later, the whole thing sounds great!

2. Elvis Costello: Spike – This was his first album for Warner Brothers and they gave him the space (and budget!) to make the album he wanted. He did so using 4 different bands in 4 different locations: LA, New Orleans, Dublin & London.

3. The Berlin Wall comes down – This opened up East Berlin (and more) to the West and our music. Even Roger Waters performed the album The Wall in Berlin in 1990 with guests Joni Mitchell, Levon Helm, Rick Danko, Van Morrison & more.

4. CheersThis TV show was HUGE! Those of us living in Boston at the time happily embraced Sam, Diane, Coach, Carla, Norm & Cliff. Later with Woody, Frasier, Rebecca & Lilith too. It still is a Master Class in how to make a classic show!

5. Bonnie Raitt: Nick Of Time – This album made Bonnie into the star she was always meant to be. After its success, she told the crowd at a show I saw: “It’s nice to be on the road because I want to be, not because I have to be.” Hope you get to see her at Bohemian Nights at New West Fest Saturday, August 10!

This year marks some big 50th anniversaries, most notably the 50th anniversary of the moon landing and of Woodstock. Here are some other things turning 50 this year.

1. “Space Oddity” – David Bowie’s iconic song was released just 5 days before Apollo 11 blasted off for the moon.

2. Abbey Road – Millions of London tourists would recreate the memorable album cover of the Beatles crossing this now famous street, but Abbey Road endures because of the songs.

3. Sesame Street – Who didn’t watch Sesame Street growing up? (And even as an adult – admit it!) Even John Lennon was a fan.

4. Scooby Doo – Scooby and the gang have been solving mysteries for 50 years. That’s a lot of Scooby snacks! It’s also a lot of ne’er-do-wells who “would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for those meddling kids.”

5. The Rolling Stones play Hughes Stadium – 50 years later, The Rolling Stones are still on the road (and playing Mile High Stadium August 10) but about 50 years ago, the Stones played Hughes in Fort Collins.

1. Jack Malik – If you’re looking for a perfect, feel-good summer movie, my pick is Yesterday. The latest film from Danny Boyle features Himesh Patel as Jack Malik, the only person on earth who remembers the Beatles and their music. It’s a fun rollick that, even though lighthearted, has its poignant moments. Love the casting of Himesh, Ed Sheeran, Joel Fry and the cameos from Michael Kiwanuka, Robert Carlyle and James Corden.

2. SoundCheck – Our new feature on The Colorado Sound weekdays at 4:18, debuting new music, overlooked tunes or just something I want to share. Here’s how week number one started. Caroline Polachek: “Door,” Black Midi: “Talking Heads,” Cayucas: “Jessica WJ,” Kate Davis: “Rbbts” and Amber Mark: “Mixer.” Go to to listen!

3. Movies under the stars – If you can’t make it to a drive-in, try the outdoor movies at The Lyric Cinema in Ft Collins. This series dubbed The Great Outdoors features new and old movies all summer. Pull up a lawn chair, grab a snack and watch a movie al fresco!

4. The Heavy: Sons – UK band The Heavy’s 5th album Sons came out in May, but I’m just now getting to spend some time with this rollicking, funky, high energy release. It’s everything you’d hope from Kelvin Swaby and the boys, and truly, best described as heavy!

5. Baseball season – Coors Field is one of my ‘happy places” – whether it’s a pitcher’s duel or a battle of the bats, I love a day at the park. Now I’m hoping the Rockies will reciprocate my love with a strong second half of the season!

1. The Stones at Mile High. My first Rock n Roll show was the Rolling Stones at Folsom Field in Boulder in 1981. It was the show that ruined me and made me a music fanatic. We have all logged a few miles since then, but don’t ever miss a chance to see the greatest band in Rock n Roll.

2. The Clash: London Calling – Margot did a terrific Music 101 program devoted to the music of 1979. This is one of my favorite albums of all time. Hard to believe it’s turning 40. It doesn’t look a day over 39.

3. Football – Come on. Let’s get this season started. Now that the Tour de France is over, August seems like the longest month.

4. Violent Femmes: “I’m Nothing” – This song is everything I love about Rock n Roll. It’s stupid, angry and catchy as hell. Once you hear it, you won’t be able to stop singing it.

5. Jalapeno Fritos – If you have an addictive personality, it may be best to just avoid these. Just sayin’.