Music, Print, Reviews August 12, 2019

Album Review: Places Back Home – The Color & Decay EP

by Daniel Thompson

It’s a rare thing to find a band that has both raw musical talent and killer songwriting. It’s another thing entirely to find that band in your own backyard. Places Back Home is a power quartet out of Fort Collins who embody this combination, using it to create something truly unique. Seeing music as a chance to honestly express the complicated realities of everyday life, Places Back Home focus their music on darker topics like feeling insignificant or dealing with loss. These themes are brought earnestly to the forefront by vocalist Chris Tofano, but be fooled by the sincerity. The precision of Robert Garren’s heavy drums throughout will have you on your feet nodding your head in no time.

With their upcoming release The Color & Decay EP, Places Back Home manage again to combine the natural talent of their musicians with a rock-solid musical concept, creating new and exciting sounds with a clear vision.

Places Back Home celebrate the upcoming release of The Color & Decay EP with shows in Fort Collins and Denver this month. Photos by Mattea Linae

From the first moments of “Not I,” with it’s haunting wash of guitars, to the absolutely roaring end of “Epilogues,” listeners can tell every member of Places Back Home knows not only how to play their part, but how their part fits into the song on an emotional level. 

From lush, effect-heavy soundscapes and pleading vocals to Bailey Entner’s Soundgarden-like guitar riffs, The Color & Decay EP showcases how Places Back Home integrate their wide variety of musical influences. They also know exactly when to kick it into high gear, which Coloradans can witness in person twice the week of the EP’s release.

The Color & Decay EP officially drops online and on disc August 20, with shows August 23 at Lost Lake Lounge in Denver (with Tolstoy and Ivory Circle) and August 24 at The Downtown Artery in Fort Collins (with Holdfast and Overslept). These two shows promise to both get you on the floor and give you all the feels: exactly as The Colors & Decay EP intends.