Premieres December 7, 2018

Album Premiere: Anthony Ruptak – A Place That Never Changes

by BandWagon Magazine

“In a musical era defined by digital austerity, A Place That Never Changes is a powerful ode to maximalism, a carefully layered production of towering melodies and micro-cacophonies that cede just the right amount of space for Anthony Ruptak’s searing lyrical attack. The songwriter captures 2018 America’s prevailing feelings of confusion, anxiety and dread — touching on subjects ranging from toxic masculinity, racial animus, and mass shootings. Ruptak looks you straight in the eye and delivers a lyrical call-to-action so earnest and sincere, one can’t help but wonder if A Place That Never Changes isn’t the quintessential record for this moment.”

                               – Ryan Murphy for BandWagon Magazine.

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Read Ryan Murphy’s full review HERE and catch Ruptak in concert December 8 at The Hi-Dive in Denver.