Features March 26, 2018

The Mowgli’s Find That “Real Good Life”

by Talia Lezama

Last Friday, Los Angeles based band The Mowgli’s hit the stage at Globe Hall playing to a sold out crowd. The feel-good alternative rock band played their Denver show on one of the last dates of their “Real Good Life” national headlining tour. Finishing the tour with them was Mainland out of NYC to open their show. The Mowgli’s also celebrated the release of their new single “Kansas City,” which also came out Friday. We chatted with Andy from the band to talk about their upcoming single and what’s next to come for the band.


Thanks so much for talking to us! Welcome back to Denver, You guys have tons of fans here and we’re all excited to have you back. Tell us your favorite things about Denver. 


We love playing Denver. Every time we come here, it’s always such a warm reception. Since we began touring, it’s always been one of our favorite spots. 


Your show at Globe Hall was sold out. I’m sure playing a sold out show is crazy, What are your feelings right before you go on stage in front of so many people?


There’s no better feeling than playing a sold out show. The energy before is always contagious. Traveling for hours on end is very strenuous, but showing up to a packed room waiting to see you perform is the ultimate feeling. 


What’s your favorite part about being on stage?


Just seeing people sing back our songs to us validates this entire experience. We can’t do this without the crowds, and being on stage and feeding off that energy is the reason we do this. 


I saw you perform at Red Rocks a few years ago, I bet that was so crazy to play at such an incredible venue. Any plans on being back there?


We hope so! That was one of our favorite shows ever. 


You’ve been touring for a long time, what are the best and worst parts about touring?


The long bus rides are very hard and take a toll on us, but showing up to a show where people are ready for your show is the best feeling. It can feel like eternity on the bus sometimes, but once we show up and play a show, it’s all worth it. 


The Mowgli’s have been one of my favorite bands for a long time. I love the feel-good alternative sound that you have. What are some of your favorite artists at the moment?


We all have different opinions. Our taste ranges from pop like Tova Stryke and Mura Masa, to legendary rock like Radiohead and Beatles to metal even for some. 


Do you have any advice for aspiring artists out there?


Always stick with it. Never give up. We’ve all been told many times, but never stopped keeping our eye on the prize and eventually reached our goals. 


What’s been one of your most memorable experiences on tour?


As mentioned above, Red Rocks was amazing. Any time we get a chance to headline and touch base with our fans, it’s amazing. 


Tell us about your new single you’re releasing, “Kansas City”?


Kansas City is one we’re really excited about. Colin wrote it about missing home, and in it brought a new vibe to our style of music. The song’s a little heavier than our others and we really like the new direction it’s sending us. 


What’s next for you guys?


Hopefully a new album and some more tours in the future. 


Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us! So excited for what else is to come from you guys in the future. Anything else you’d like to add?


Cat Peach.