Concert Photos May 12, 2015

Jason Hann, Michael Travis & Simon Posford(Shpongle) return to Sonic Bloom for 10th anniversary

by Mike Pope

This June will mark the 10th anniversary of the Sonic Bloom festival. Taking place once again over the summer solstice, June 18-21 Sonic Bloom has established its new digs at Hummingbird Ranch. 2.5 hours south of Denver at a much lower elevation than last year along the front range. Said to be filled with shady trees, spectacular views and its own creek we cant wait wait to see it for our self. The unified field has expanded quite a lot since its first event 10 years ago at the Mishawaka.

The lineup so far looks to be about as killer as it ever has been with STS9 headlining 2 nights in a row with their full complement of stage lighting. Michael Kang, Kyle Hollingsworth, Jason Hann and Michael Travis of The String Cheese Incident will be donning the stage as The Transcendent.

BandWagon had the opportunity to catch Jason Hann and Michael Travis at Sonic Bloom last year as EOTO after the Simon Posford(Shpongle) DJ set on the main stage. Posford will also be making a rerun to Colorado next month with a DJ set for the festival.

The recent snow and frost on the ground this morning might make it seem like summer is still a far away dream but there are less than 6 weeks before we get Shpongled again. Here are a bunch of our favorite photos of those shows from the stage, click to enlarge and stay tuned for more coverage of Sonic Bloom.
Photos by Mike Pope

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