Community, Features, Film November 23, 2014

A Campaign for Unrelenting Terror: “North Woods” Indie-GoGo fundraiser ends soon!

by Jay Wallace

Over a year ago, BandWagon Magazine spoke to local horror filmmaker Jason Kasper on his project, North Woods, a retro slasher film in the vein of Evil Dead and Phantasm. The film now boasts the like of professional horror actress Debbie Rochon, a veteran of Troma Productions such as Tromeo & Juliet, among its cast, but still still looking for help to complete it.

Ending this Thursday, November 28, the film’s Indie-Gogo campaign sits at just $2,000 of it’s $5,500 goal. Local Greeley residents, if you want to help make horror movie history, click this link here and donate. And while you’re at it, check out the opening of the film  featuring Rochon.

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