Album Review: Andy Sydow – Wicked Dreams

June 10, 2020

‘Wicked Dreams’ – the title track of Andy Sydow’s most recent EP, is an alt-country story about nation-wide travel and going through the motions, while deep down the storyteller longs for true purpose. Reminiscent in style of early Wilco and Ryan Adams, it’s highlighted with a slide guitar solo that might appear in one of Derek Trucks’ dreams. After rambling through several states, the protagonist lands in Colorado which he “calls home,” full of “beauty, adventure, and a different kind of tone.”

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Album Review: Quinn Ayers – Feelings Have Ceilings

May 4, 2020

Quinn Ayers’ full-length “Feelings Have Ceilings” evokes isolated, late-night drives gazing at the neon of his native Las Vegas. The UNC ball-player’s home city is a good metaphor for the record: promising and impressively elaborate but with loneliness beneath the bling. “Feelings Have Ceilings” is a successfully layered at-home listen for, say, Migos fans on the hunt for something more sensitive. But it would definitely bang better in the club than on the typical COVID-era platform: your macbook speakers.

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