The Sound of Old – Aesop Rock Delivers Seventh Solo Album

May 16, 2016

It’s been three years since New York-bred emcee Aesop Rock (real name Ian Bavitz) has released a solo album, an excruciatingly long wait for those enthralled with his signature brand of independent hip-hop. That doesn’t mean he wasn’t keeping us entertained with one of his many other projects—Hail Mary Mallon with Rob Sonic, The Uncluded with Kimya Dawson and Lice with Homeboy Sandman—but he had to wait until the timing was right to unleash another one into the world. That all changed April 29, when Bavitz released The Impossible Kid, his seventh solo album.

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Soul Sonic Forces: Aesop Rock and Rob Sonic are Hail Mary Mallon

January 15, 2015

Aesop Rock, real name Ian Bavitz, is one of those rare hip-hop artists who has developed such a unique rhyming style, he’s basically impossible to replicate. The second you hear his voice, you immediately know it’s him. While his rhymes often appear nonsensical and so cryptic it’s difficult to decipher any meaning, once you dig deeper you can discover a lot about the man behind the moniker. For example, he craves solitude, has no interest in “fame” and is just as down to earth as any one of us. Those qualities alone are the most refreshing about him. In an industry supersaturated with massive egos, especially in the hip-hop world, humility is hard to find. Aesop Rock is like a breath of fresh air. However, all coyness goes out the window when he grabs the mic and jumps on stage.

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