Reviews July 8, 2024

ego n friends – are u alone? | Album Review

by Landon Ungerman

In the heart of Denver’s rising music scene, indie pop artist ego n friends has released his much-anticipated debut album, are u alone?. This 19-track odyssey is a vibrant fusion of nostalgic indie pop and alternative rap, masterfully blending acoustic and electronic elements. ego, a Denver transplant originally from the Bay Area, showcases his versatility and creative vision, delivering an album that is both deeply personal and universally relatable.

Photo by Andrew Hanson

The album kicks off with “none of your business,” a confident and defiant track that sets the tone for the entire project. ego declares, “Imma stage dive on your small town,” a prophetic line that signals his intent to make waves both locally and beyond. This track, devoid of drums yet full of dimension, introduces listeners to ego n friends’ unique approach to music-making—one that relies on intricate flows and innovative arrangements to build power and rhythm.

One of the standout aspects of are u alone? is the way ego incorporates his network of collaborators, each adding a unique voice to the project while maintaining a cohesive overall sound. This collaborative spirit is evident in tracks like “RUN BOBBY RUN!” and “LOVESTRUCK,” where guest artists elevate the songs with their distinct contributions. Yet, ego remains the driving force behind the album, overseeing the production, mixing, and mastering to ensure his artistic vision is fully realized.

ego n friends’ dedication to his craft is palpable throughout the album. His cinematic production style, characterized by unexpected samples and a harmonious blend of acoustic and electronic tones, creates a rich sonic landscape that keeps listeners engaged from start to finish. Tracks like “BIG MISTAKE!” and “DEMON TIME” highlight his ability to craft songs that are not only sonically diverse but also deeply resonant.

Album Art by Erik Branom & Tomas Muelling

The album’s release is monumental for Denver’s music scene, showcasing the city’s ability to nurture and support diverse artistic talent. ego has created a work that speaks to the universal human experience of loneliness and the search for connection, making are u alone? a powerful and relatable project for listeners both in Denver and beyond.

In are u alone? ego invites us into his world, sharing his journey of growth and self-discovery through a meticulously crafted and emotionally charged album. It’s an impressive debut that not only solidifies his place in Denver’s vibrant music scene but also sets the stage for his impact on a scale much larger. ego said it perfectly on track three: “D-town flow, now the city gon’ respect me.”

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