Music, Print, Reviews July 13, 2022

Album Review: Pathos & Logos – Cult

by Nate Wilde

When you find yourself on the old familiar quest for heavy, ethereal, instrumental music that takes you on a sonic journey through space and time, look no further than the latest effort from Colorado’s Pathos & Logos, Cult.

Pathos & Logos is a two-man operation that sounds like a galaxy of performers smearing a solar system of sounds together. Cult is a four-song EP representing the unit to their fullest.

Upon listening, one music student will undoubtedly recognize another in guitarist Kyle Neeley’s playing and composing. He employs a multitude of guitar styles not inherited by amateur players. Neeley demonstrates pure virtuosity of the instrument throughout, with examples of exotic scales, lightning-fast leads, and even some jazz and blues styles over (quite often) non-traditional time signatures.

The aforementioned time signatures are delivered compliments of the second member / top-notch musician of the duo, drummer Paul Christiansen. Christiansen adds sheer power and force to the overall feel of Cult with pounding double bass kicks, blast beats, and even a splash cymbal here and there to perk one’s attention – as if a nasty circle pit was about to form.

Saying that Pathos & Logos have a style of their own is an understatement. The four-song EP (released June 24) is a combination of heavy chugging guitars, brutal drums, spacy synths, and, as mentioned above, absolutely stunning musicianship.

In addition, the artwork that accompanies Cult is a true representation of the aesthetic. The artwork takes the form of tarot cards with fantasy-themed imagery. If tarot’s not your thing, there’s also album art available in the form of a coffee table book.

Though impressive instrumentation is the obvious focus, it should be noted that the EP is not entirely instrumental. “Ivdex” features a distorted vocal scream engaging in call-and-response chants in what sounds like either demonic Latin or angry Dutch – definitely not English.

Needless to say, with Cult, shred fans can consider their  quest for the heavy, ethereal, cosmic and fantastic, complete.

Pathos & Logos are on tour nationwide, playing Blast N Bowl on July 13 at 830 North in Fort Collins. More at