Music, Print, Reviews July 6, 2022

Single Review: Eufórquestra – “Arizona to Georgia”

by Valerie Vampola

Eufórquestra’s recent single, “Arizona to Georgia,” leans into groovy funk-rock, with jammy vibes and a big sound, reminiscent of early Steely Dan or Steve Miller’s “Fly Like an Eagle.” The song maintains a basic lyrical message about listening louder than speaking. The modal structure pulls the focus to the percussion and atmospheric textures provided by the band, like the ethereal e-piano and organ, or the horns swelling in and out of the jam breaks. While coming in at just under 4 minutes, this song has a lot of potential to extend to a full jam, pushing audiences to have a “little less talk, a little more listen” as the lyrics demand. The band also dropped another single – “Show Me the Way,” both for the upcoming LP While We Still Got Time, due out this summer. 

Catch Eufórquestra live at City Park in Denver on Saturday, July 10 at noon. More at