Music, Print, Reviews June 13, 2022

Single Review: Joy Scout – “Pretty Itty Bitty Kitty”

by Gabe Allen

An unprecedented number of people have brought new pets home since the start of the pandemic. Joy Scout’s Paul Beveridge was one of them. He brought home a tabby named Josie, wrote a punk-infused 12-bar blues about her and he wants you to know about it.

“Don’t need no woman when I got you here for cuddling,” Beveridge screams over fuzzed out guitars. “I was in it to win it but now I just stay at home.” If you came for the feline worship, you’ll stay for Brianna Harris’ (The Burroughs) unrestrained alto sax shredding after the second chorus. Definitely don’t miss the music video for this one. Mee-ow!

More on the new project by Northern Colorado turned Chicagoan Paul Beveridge at