Music, Print, Reviews May 2, 2022

EP Review: Elektric Animals – Channels

by Valerie Vampola

Denver’s Elektric Animals ring in the summer via the upbeat rock sound of their new EP Channels. They guarantee that every song, no matter how few, is a bop you will dance to as the weather warms up.

The opening track on Channels is not only a banger, it’s a surefire hit. “Come Clean” pulls listeners right in with a fast, dancy drum groove and rhythmic guitar. Nick Sanders’ gritty vocal delivery compliments the grungy instrumentation, creating a nice contrast to the catchy “oohs” heard throughout the chorus. The lyrics reflect frustrations toward a person who is deceptive in how they portray themselves, demanding that their subject “comes clean” with their wrongdoing. The pop angst heats up to the point where Sanders is sent boiling into a fevered scream. If they haven’t already, 93.3 needs to put this track in their rotation now

Catch Elektric Animals live on May 13 for the release of Channels at Lost Lake in Denver.

“Head in the Ground” continues Elektric Animals’ synth-rich, upbeat tendencies, but has more of a side-to-side sway, pairing perfectly with a red solo cup in hand. Catchy melodies dominate this song, whether they’re played by the guitarist, or sung by Sanders in the chorus. 

The last track, “Falling,” kicks the groove back into an aggressive rock feel, putting extra emphasis on the beat rather than melodic lines, with distorted bass and guitar grooves that thump heavily, pushing the song to hardcore limits.

Elektric Animals continue to do what they do best – write catchy, singable melodies that are fun to jam to, even when their lyrics are angry and arrangements heavy. They deliver radio-quality music, channeling the goods on an electric, indie level.

Elektric Animals celebrate the release of Channels on Friday, May 13 at Lost Lake in Denver. Tickets and more at